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Fall Mulching: Our Lawn Treatments Woodbridge VA Pros Share Their Tips

Most seasoned homeowners know plenty about mulch. It keeps the roots cold and moist. It nourishes the soil, keeps weeds at bay, and protects young plants and grasses from the harsh winter challenges. In case you think you should stop your lawn care and landscaping activities, our lawn service company in Woodbridge, VA, advises you to reconsider. If you still mow your lawn, water plants, aerate and overseed, etc., the next logical step is mulching. Today, our lawn treatment experts in Woodbridge, VA, are here to tell you all you need to know about applying fall mulch this season.

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3 Tips to Prevent Summer Weeds from our Experts in Lawn Care in Woodbridge VA

Some homeowners might wonder why they might need weed prevention methods for the summer when their local lawn treatments experts are there to implement the fertilization and control seasonal programs. The answer is simple: not all weeds germinate at the same time. Some seeds can lie dormant in the soil for months or years before they grow. For this reason, our experts in lawn care in Woodbridge VA are here to tell you how to prevent such weeds from germinating in the summer. Moreover, our specialists want to emphasize the fact that you can wake up sleeping weeds or unknowingly bring new ones on your property. So, let’s see what this is all about!

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What to Look for in Solar Outdoor Lights: Landscaping Montclair VA Pros’ Tips

Whether you are a new homeowner wanting to have a superbly designed landscape or a seasoned one looking to revamp the yard, you know that outdoor lights are the soul of any such project. Our experts in landscaping in Montclair VA can help you pick the best landscape lighting systems and also give you a hand with your landscape lighting installation needs. However, they are here today to teach you a few things about outdoor solar lights and what to look for in case you plan to buy some.

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Our Experts in Landscaping in Montclair VA Discuss Soft Water Irrigation

Many people around the country have to deal with hard water. If you are already using a water softening system, you know softened water has a somewhat salty taste. It is because water softeners use salt pellets to remove the hardness minerals in your water. Now that spring is about to take over, watering your lawn and garden becomes a priority. But is it safe to water your turf and growing vegetation with soft water? Our experts in landscaping in Montclair VA have some answers for you!

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How to Put Your Lawn to Bed In Winter: Lawn Care Woodbridge VA Experts Share Their Tips

When lawn care experts say “winter,” you should read “fall.” Putting the lawn to bed usually starts in September or October. If you are late to this party, however, you should not worry. There is still time to adjust things so you can keep your lawn safe during the cold season. Our experts in lawn care in Woodbridge VA want to share some tips with those homeowners who are beginners in winterization practices.

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Is Your Dog’s Urine Destroying Your Lawn? Our Pros in Lawn Care in Dale City VA Say Yes!

Your pooch emptying its bladder on your lawn may wreak havoc on its appearance as dog urine happens to have too much of a good thing for your turf – nitrogen. In large enough amounts, nitrogen burns the turfgrass and causes the so-called “dog spots.” Our experts in lawn care in Dale City, VA, are perfectly aware of the impact a family dog may have on a lawn, but they have also provided several solutions for you not to have to choose between your four-legged friend and a plush, green yard. Continue reading

Keeping Roses in Full Bloom Throughout Summer: Our Pros in Lawn Care in Dumfries VA Share their SECRET

It may sound too good to be true, but with proper care nearly every rose bush can bloom all summer. We have asked our professionals in lawn care in Dumfries VA to share with our readers their secret to those magazine-worthy repeat bloomers they are able to pull off so exquisitely on our clients’ properties every summer. Their little-known secret is not such a big secret among professional gardeners, but here it is: Fertilizing, trimming, and watering done right.

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Our Experts in Lawn Care in Montclair VA on Dealing with Thick Grass Clumps

Have you noticed those unsightly clumps of thick grass dotting your lawn lately? Grass clumps are not only visually unappealing, but they can also take over your lawn if ignored. Most clumps of thick grass blades are in fact a species of turf grass called Tall fescue (Festuca Arundinacea). Some homeowners plant a variety of this cold-season turf grass, called Kentucky 31, on their lawns because it is both cold- and drought-resistant. But when tall fescue pops up on lawns with different types of grass, it can be quite an eyesore. Fortunately, our lawn care Montclair VA experts have shared with us a handful of tips on how to handle fescue grass clumps on residential lawns.

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