Precision Lawn & Landscape is a full-service lawn care provider, which currently services Woodbridge, Manassas, Dale City, Dumfries, and Montclair. These are the services we offer in your area:

Maintenance Services

Lawn Mowing Services

Why go through all the trouble of handling the lawn mowing yourself? Sure, you might think you’re saving some money, but are you really? Our professional lawn mowing equipment is always maintained in proper shape, because dull blades can irreparably damage the grass. Precision Lawn & Landscape only uses professional tools and you can be sure that, once we’ve completed the job, we will leave it looking clean, without any unsightly clippings blanketing your yard. We will clear off all the grass clippings of your hardscapes, too, because we don’t want you to lift a finger – simply relax and enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn. Our team of technicians will edge around your paths, walkways, alleys, and any other hardscapes, as well as trim around the poles, the house and the hardscapes.

Shrub Trimming

Shrub trimming can help lend a manicured look to your lawn, but, when done the wrong way, it can also damage your greenery and its foliage. We at Precision Lawn & Landscape provide professional shrub trimming and always keep the plants in mind. That means we pay a lot of attention to the proper height at which the plant needs to be trimmed, because we wouldn’t want it to be harmed in the process. The technicians that take care of the trimming are fully trained in this skill. Not only do they know how to perform a clean, precise cut, but they will also take care of the cleanup afterwards and pick up all the clippings.


Our tree service team can also offer some light professional pruning services. We are qualified to prune your shrubs, as well as do some light pruning work on your trees. We can prune low branches or clear your way up the driveway. Your trees and shrubs shouldn’t turn into a nuisance but instead; a welcome addition to your lawn.

Spring & Fall Clean up

In spring, fresh grass needs water, sunlight and nutrients, in order to properly grow and develop. In the fall, fallen leaves must be cleared out so that they don’t prevent the grass from storing up the nutritious substances it needs in order to make it through the winter. That is why we make spring and fall clean up services available to anyone who is looking to have their yard maintained in the best shape possible. We will remove all fallen branches from your property and dispose of all the debris that needs to be removed from your yard in order to get it ready for spring or winter.

Leaf Removal

During the fall season, the fallen leaves of trees mesmerize property owners with their beautiful colors. However, if the fallen foliage is left to rot on the ground, it can create problems for your lawn. For starters, the leaf carpet can block the access of sunlight and oxygen to the blades of grass. This humid environment is conducive for the apparition of diseases such as fungi and mold. This is why it is important to properly remove all leaves in spring, fall, or whenever else you may need such a service. Upon your request, our technicians will remove all the leaves from your property and pay special attention to cleaning out your flower beds.

Lawn Care Services

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Precision Lawn & Landscape offers three distinct lawn fertilization and weed control treatments. Depending on your needs, your budget, and the state of your lawn, we will help you select the treatment that will help your lawn thrive and remain weed-free for as long as possible. We can fertilize your garden once, or return for further installments of our specialized treatment, should your lawn require it. Our weed control strategies have been especially designed to respond to the unique traits of plants and grass species typical for the Woodbridge, Manassas, Dale City, Dumfries, and Montclair area.


Aeration is a specialized lawn care procedure, which helps air the soil and free clumped up particles of soil, following bouts of cold and humid weather. It is important to aerate the soil, as this technique helps the oxygen and nutrients reach the roots, nourish them, and help them stay strong during the cold season. This way, your turf will look healthy and thriving in spring. Aeration can be performed in spring, fall or both, but it is most important during the fall. The autumn season is the best time for new grass to mature, since the fall climate provides the best conditions to do so. In spring, the new grass risks burning off because of the hot summer weather that follows right as the turf emerges.


Seeding, also referred to as over-seeding is a treatment for lawns which suffer from “bald” or barren patches. Many homeowners come to believe that such spots spell the end of their lawn. They become convinced that their lawn has been damaged beyond repair, yet this is certainly not the case.  Seeding helps new layers of grass emerge on the barren spots, thus restoring the beauty and healthiness of your lawn. The best way to implement this procedure is as a follow-up to fall aeration, as aerating the soil ensures ideal conditions for new grass to emerge.

Pest Control Services

Pests are a serious nuisance to any lawn and property, as they spread very quickly and are difficult to detect, prevent, and eliminate through non-professional methods. If they spread out of control, they can do major harm and even destroy your lawn for good.  Precision Lawn & Landscape employs a preventative strategy in late spring, which will ward off any grubs from your lawn throughout the warm season. We also apply various curative treatments against sod webworms, chinch bugs, as well as other miscellaneous surface and sub-surface feeding pests. With us, you can rest assured that your lawn will be pest-free for a long time to come.

Lawn Disease Solutions

No matter how well you care for them, lawns can sometimes develop diseases, which can quickly infect many of your plants, and spread beyond control. The do-it-yourself approach is often ineffective in such cases – there isn’t much a property owner can do on their own in order to minimize the effects of disease. However, Precision Lawn & Landscape lawn specialists know how to deal with the most harmful diseases that affect grass. We deploy preventive fungicide programs and curative fungicide applications which keep your lawns disease-free for months and even years on end.

Vegetation Control

Sometimes, the plants on one’s lawn will simply get out of hand, with weeds and other types of parasite plants threatening to overtake your flowers, grass, and shrubbery. Our expert lawn technicians will round up any grassy weeds or other unwanted vegetation found on your property. They know the best way to remove them, depending on the species of plant and conditions under which it thrives.

Service Calls

Service Calls for weeds or other lawn issues are free to all customers receiving 6 or more regularly scheduled lawn applications per season. Customers receiving less than 6 regularly scheduled lawn applications may be charged for service calls. There is a minimum of 4 applications annually for each customer.

Landscaping Services

Flower Bed Design & Maintenance

We care about your lawn just as much as you do and want it to look its absolute best. That’s why we offer to design a flowerbed that will boost your curb appeal. We can also plant the right species of flowers, trees and shrubs, which can thrive in the local climate. We also offer weed removal services for your flower beds, making sure they stay healthy and beautiful.


Mulching is one of the most natural and organic ways to care for your lawn and improve its odds at thriving. Mulch is highly beneficial for plants and flower beds, yet not many property owners understand its benefits and choose to steer clear of it. If you opt for Precision Lawn & Landscape mulching services you should know that we only use high quality mulch, which we make sure to lay at proper depths. In order to ensure good results, we will only lay dyed mulch on days with no rain in the forecast (neither on the day of mulch installation, or on following days). Dyed mulch is very similar to wet paint at first, and it requires some time to dry out. When installing mulch, we also offer professional flowerbed edging and redefining, plus weed preventative services, such as installing landscape weed preventative fabric.


Choosing the right flowers, with which to adorn a client’s lawn and yard can be a daunting task, especially for lawn care professionals who don’t have the requisite expertise to do this. We, at Precision Lawn & Landscape have been offering flower planting services for over seven years now. We know that the most important part of the planting process is to consult with the client, and understand what it is they want to have planted. We also offer our own suggestions, then deliver and install exactly what the client is looking for.

Sprinkler Repair, Installation & Outdoor Lighting

Precision Lawn & Landscape does not yet provide sprinkler repair, installation or outdoor lighting but since we strive to offer our clients the full range of lawn maintenance services, we have teamed up with the best professionals in the field. If you need to have a set of sprinklers installed or repaired, or require landscape illumination (outdoor lighting), check out the The Irrigation Professionals are locally renowned for their high quality work and for the friendly service they provide. Feel free to contact them for estimates and projects – we are confident they will handle all the work and subsequent invoicing with the utmost professionalism.