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Proper Fertilization Techniques For a Richer Green Lawn

Your home probably did not come with a perfect lawn. But with proper care, even a sickly lawn can be returned to life and become the lawn all of your neighbors envy.

Rapid growth in the spring time steals a lot of nutrients from the soil. It’s best to replace the missing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with the proper lawn fertilization. If you feed your lawn using correct fertilization techniques, your lawn will have the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and lush.
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Tips for a Weed Free Garden and Lawn Without a lot of Work

To keep your garden and Lawn weed free without a lot of work, use a herbicide that is for pre-emergent weeds, like a Garden Weed Preventer from your local Lawn & Garden store. When you use a pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn or garden, you stop and prevent the germination of the seeds that weeds have deposited, and will continue to deposit in your soil. This kind of herbicide will not kill the weeds that you already have growing in your lawn or any weeds that come back from a root system. Because of this before using a pre-emergent herbicide, you should thoroughly weed the area.
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